Best vacation ideas for couples

couple vacation ideas – From a short weekend to several weeks, going on a weekend at the last minute to celebrate Valentine’s Day or organizing your trip in advance, you want to live each second intensely when you go as a couple.

Whether you are a couple without children or parents looking for a parenthesis in everyday life, the goal is the same: to go on vacation far from stress and overwork and aspire to tranquility, well-being, and why not discover a country on the other side of the world during these few days off. Then, after exploring these destinations, you can come back for a family vacation and show them your favorites.

Romantic souls, discover the destinations where to go as a couple in the sun, in Europe or thousands of kilometers away, in all-inclusive or in an Adult Only hotel.

Where to go as a couple?

A romantic trip to the sun

The engagement ring is well hidden at the bottom of the suitcase; you need a destination as unforgettable as it comes out of its box. The Maldives, Seychelles, and Mauritius are perfect little paradises to make your statement. Just like to live a holiday without the children: as good parents, you also have the right to your moments as a couple far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life…

Choose a room with a view of the sea, have lunch on the sand, and watch the sunset while walking on the beach after dinner. A cliché? No, just a few unique moments to share with your significant other.

White sand, transparent water when it is not turquoise, bungalows in unimaginable places… How not to experience an idyllic stay here?

Holidays in the sun are not only made of distant islands. In Europe, a few hours flight away, you can take a trip to Greece and its islands in the heart of the Mediterranean: Santorini, the Cyclades, Crete, and Rhodes are rich in history and sublime beaches.

A little further on, another type of trip is as romantic as you could wish: a cruise in Egypt along the Nile! Lounging in a lounge chair on the deck at dusk as the boat sails down the Nile is a once-in-a-lifetime magical moment.

Do you know where the name “honeymoon” comes from? Pharaohs drank a drink made from honey and propolis during the 28 days following marriage to obtain joy and happiness. All these trips are perfect for spending the winter holidays in the sun!

Other Sun destinations are Reunion Island, Cuba, Bali, Tanzania, and Zanzibar.

A romantic journey to discover the world

 If you are more searching for adventure, discovery, or stay in the heart of nature, escape a few hours’ flights from home.

One of the destinations to do as a couple is Iceland. There is a contrast between volcanic fire and ice, the land of volcanoes is a mysterious island that shows us the power of nature, enough to experience a trip rich in sensations! Were you looking to (re)spice up your life? You will love it!

In the same style, New Zealand offers a nature that leaves no one indifferent. Discover its wild spaces and its many treks. Doing them together means coming back with solid experiences shared together.

On another continent, it is Costa Rica that irresistibly attracts us. This fascinating little country in Central America means “rich coast,” a name essentially justified. So here, you can explore all its fauna and flora riches, which account for 6% of the species on the planet. Moreover, a preserved environment will guarantee a total change of scenery in the heart of nature during your romantic trip.

Other destinations to explore are Jordan, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.

A romantic weekend trip

Want to leave for a few nights away from home, visit European capitals or escape to the sun?

Many European cities are ideal for a romantic getaway and a weekend in Europe: spend a night or two in a hotel in Venice and discover Saint Mark’s Square, stroll through the streets of Lisbon and stop in a café to eat some Pasteis de Nata in the Belem district.

Further east, Prague’s city charms us with its authenticity: in this city of a thousand steeples, enjoy a trdelnik (rolled brioche) on the Charles Bridge and stroll in the Old Town Square.

To the south, head for the city of Marrakech: the Pearl of the South is aptly named because this little Moroccan gem will sometimes offer disconcerting but often sublime landscapes and discoveries. The Majorelle Garden, Jemaa El Fna Square, the alleys of its Medina… At every street corner, your eyes will smile. Book a room in a riad to complete the magic of your stay. Your romantic weekend will be whole if you choose Marrakech as a getaway for two.

Fancy massages and well-being? Stay in France and treat yourself to the pleasure of a weekend in a nice hotel offering Spa services. Once in the hands of experts, you will find yourself completely serene, ready to let yourself be carried away by a particular art of living. For their part, the most gourmet will not be able to resist a gastronomic weekend. For example, this is the occasion for a wonderfully delicious romantic dinner in Lyon or Bordeaux!

Whatever your choice of romantic trip, for two weeks or a weekend, when booking your stay, check that your hotel does not offer a “Newlyweds” formula or pack if this is your case. On the other hand, you could enjoy an upgrade and/or a bottle of champagne as a gift. Even more poetic!

More holiday destinations for young couples in France

To help you choose from all the possibilities (between the town, countryside, beach or mountain, the choice is vast), here is our selection of the best holiday destinations for young couples in France.


Nice is a dream destination in France, even more so for couples.

This city is full of activities of all kinds; you will necessarily find everything you can dream of.

The pebble beaches are ideal for enjoying a day in the sun, ideally located; they allow optimal access to restaurants and the different cuisines of the world, with a breathtaking view of the sea.

Not far from the beaches, you can visit old Nice and the secrets it abounds in; you will fall under the spell of this perfect district for a romantic stroll.

Finally, many other activities are available: hiking in the hinterland, a segway ride in the city, or even a canoe kayak session from the port.

The CAP 3000 and the Polygone Riviera for shopping lovers are easily accessible thanks to the public transport networks. You can even visit the few nearby towns in just a few minutes by transport, ideal for a little more peace.

In terms of nightlife, old Nice and the golden square are essential places that bring together the best bars and nightclubs.

I recommend the Di Piu for those curious about Niçoise cuisine, influenced by Italian cuisine, to enjoy a moment on the terrace facing the sea. I also recommend the Acqua & Farina restaurant, which offers excellent typical Italian cuisine at low prices. For dessert, you can enjoy an artisanal ice cream from Fenocchio on the large terrace in the center of old Nice, which is as pleasant during the day as at night.

In short, this city is ideal for all couples: sports enthusiasts, food lovers, architecture fans, or partygoers.


Not far from Nice, Menton is a lesser-known but no less idyllic little town. Take advantage of the city’s charm and the mild Mediterranean climate by the sea for a stay with your spouse.

This destination is ideal for fans of picturesque architecture. You can stroll through the city’s alleys in the middle of colorful buildings. Art fans will be happy to observe the mosaics and trompe l’oeil of the historic center. The city tour is perfect for a romantic stay.

If you are more into history, the baroque basilica of Saint-Michel Archange is a place you absolutely must visit.

The Citrus Garden of the Palais de Carnolès and the Maria Serena Garden are also must-sees in the city, perfect for enjoying the calm and tranquility of the place for two.

Menton is a nugget on the Côte d’Azur, perfect for a romantic holiday.


Marseille is also a trendy destination on the French Riviera, but it is very different from Nice. It is nonetheless a dream destination for a couple’s holiday in France.

You can enjoy the city and the many activities available.

On the aquatic side, you will have plenty to do. The city is by the sea, so the setting is ideal for an afternoon at the beach, whether simply for sunbathing or enjoying the various water activities: boat trip from the old port, canoeing, diving, excursion in the Calanques, enough to spend an original day as a couple.

You can even enjoy calm and refreshing activities in the hinterland, such as climbing or hiking; I also recommend the Goudes cliffs for a quiet session with breathtaking views.

On the city side, you will have enough to spend several days full of activities: stroll in old Marseille, visit the Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica, walk in the Longchamps park, or even an excursion in the Auffes valley. Marseille does not have a shortage of landscapes and unique places to visit, enough to delight couples eager for discovery. If you just want to be amazed, I recommend a stroll in the Panier; the district considered the Montmartre of Marseille one of the nuggets of the city.

For shopping fans, you will find what you are looking for among the various places across the city: Saint-Ferréol and Rome streets, the old port, or the flea market, perfect for buying typical Marseille products.

In terms of gastronomy, you will also find your happiness among the anthology of restaurants Marseille offers. You will have the opportunity to taste the various local specialties, such as bouillabaisse; we highly recommend the one from Chez Fonfon, a real treat. In addition, you will find the best bars and concert halls for evening outings in the vibrant La Plaine district.

Marseille is a perfect destination for young couples, whether you are sporty, party animals, shopaholics, or history buffs.

Porto Vecchio

Porto-Vecchio is the ideal destination for an exotic holiday as a couple. The idyllic setting of Corsica will offer you a magnificent romantic getaway.

You can enjoy the various white sand beaches, which are the most pleasant in Corsica. The beaches of Palombaggia, Santa Giulia, Cala Rossa, and Tamaricciu, as well as the different landscapes around, will give you a taste of paradise. You can even participate in many aquatic activities: scuba diving, jet skiing, or a sunbathing session on the beach. Whether you are sporty or simply looking for tranquility, you will inevitably find your happiness and that of your other half.

However, the region is ideal for lovers of discovery and adventure. The cliffs and paths are conducive to many activities such as climbing or hiking, sure to amaze you. Moreover, the possible excursions will give you a change of scenery and offer you a moment of calm and serenity far from the hectic lifestyle of noisy cities.

The city also offers its share of activities and outings. Tours of Porto-Vecchio are ideal for couples looking for romance, but above all for lovers of art, history, and architecture. Many must-sees await you for beautiful moments, such as the citadel, the Saint Jean-Baptiste church, or the various prehistoric sites. The marina and the salt marshes are also must-sees, perfect for a moment as a couple.

As for the restaurant, many will offer you typical Corsican cuisine and the many specialties that make it up. However, I recommend the Casa Corsa restaurant for its delicious traditional cuisine and ideal location for a romantic meal: do not hesitate to take advantage of the terrace and the view of the port enough to have a good time in the sun.

Annecy, the Venice of the Alps

Annecy, also known as the Venice of the Alps, is a perfect destination for a romantic getaway. In a heavenly setting, you can spend unique and unforgettable moments with your other half.

Lake Annecy is a must in the region and the city, a unique landscape where you can take part in many activities in the hills and mountains, such as hiking or canyoning. For lovers of water activities, you will find happiness among those offered, between a canoeing session or a stand-up paddle.

You can even visit the castle of Menthon-Saint-Bernard and the Palais de l’île, unique historic buildings, and ideal for lovers of culture and history.

If you are more of a sightseeing and strolling type, Annecy is the city for you. Walking and strolling through the streets of the old town is an effortless but enjoyable activity; the calm is a real chance for those looking for more tranquility.

You can also enjoy the many restaurants and bars in the city center on the banks of the Thiou, enough to spend an evening in a romantic setting.

Its atypical architecture makes this unique city perfect for a stay as a couple, do not hesitate any longer and succumb to the charm of Annecy.


Chamonix is ​​also a popular holiday destination; the setting and the activities make it an ideal choice for a couple’s stay in France.

Located at the level of Mont-Blanc, the city is renowned for its ski resorts. The ski area is considered one of the best in France, which makes it one of the best destinations for winter sports lovers: skiing, dog sledding, and snowshoeing. You can even go on a visit to Mont-Blanc and the Aiguille du Midi. Nothing better than a romantic winter in Chamonix to spend romantic celebrations.

But rest assured, the station is not only open in winter. In summer, you can take advantage of an equally impressive landscape to do many activities: paragliding, treasure hunting, or simply hiking on mountain trails.

I recommend you spend a night in an Igloo; this unique and unusual experience is ideal for couples.

Chamonix is ​​not limited to its ski resorts; you can enjoy the city and what it offers. The charm and atypical architecture make it one of the most magnificent places, ideal for those who like contemplation in peace.

You can even enjoy the delicious local cuisine. I recommend the restaurant Le Monchu and its real Savoyard fondue.

Chamonix is a little piece of paradise that offers a unique stay for you and your other half.


Lyon, considered one of the best tourist destinations in the world, seems evident for a couple’s vacation in France. Ideally located in the Rhône, this city is easily accessible as it is well served.

You will be able to take advantage of what Lyon offers, as it is so full of activities.

For lovers of architecture and culture, old Lyon awaits you to visit it and discover many historical places: the Cathedral of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, the Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière, and the Archaeological Garden. Ideal activities for history and culture fans. Place Bellecour is also a must in the city; impossible to miss the charm of the largest pedestrian square in Europe.

For romantic afternoon shopping, various shopping spots are also trendy: the Westfield La Part-Dieu, the Confluence shopping center, or the many unusual shops in old Lyon that we warmly recommend.

As for restaurants, Lyonnais Bouchons are culinary must-haves, and the atmosphere of the restaurants is ideal for couples. However, I recommend the restaurant Chez Paul; its authentic cuisine and friendly atmosphere are perfect for a romantic evening in Lyon.

Finally, many other activities are available at the heart of Lyon and outside it. Segway rides, painting workshops, or even a walk along the banks of the Rhône.

A perfect stay awaits you in one of the most beautiful cities in France.


Paris is an essential destination when it comes to romantic weekends. It is the city of all possibilities, and its location makes it an ideal choice for a vacation as a couple.

For lovers of history and art, the capital will satisfy you. Paris has many monuments and museums, and a visit as a couple is a way to make the experience unique. Eiffel Tower, Sacré Cœur, Montmartre, Louvre Museum, and art galleries, you will have enough to satisfy your curiosity.

In Paris itself, many varied and affordable activities are offered. For those looking for unusual and unique outings, you will inevitably find what you are looking for between the initial visits and the various exhibitions held throughout the city.

This city is also perfect for shopping lovers and partygoers: the reputation of Paris and its nightlife is second to none; you can enjoy the many bars and clubs throughout the city. Regarding shopping, many addresses are famous and await you: Galeries Lafayette, the shops on rue Rivoli, or those on the. Champs-Elysees.

Outside Paris, you will also find many ideal outings for a romantic getaway. But, of course, Disneyland Paris is also a must; this is a perfect outing for couples who want to spend a magical day in a park and unique hotels.

If you have a little more time, not far from Paris, you can easily reach the small village of Giverny, by train or by car, and visit the house of the painter Claude Monet. An original and perfect getaway idea for a day out as a couple.

In short, this destination is ideal for couples in love with the hectic pace of the city of love.

Loire castle

The Loire castles are among France’s most popular destinations; for a good reason, they never cease to amaze. An original and unique getaway awaits you for a romantic holiday at the Loire castles.

Far from the hectic pace of the cities, here you will find calm in the contemplation of the most beautiful castles in France, including that of Chambord, Chenonceau, or the court of Amboise. Several days are not too long for a couple’s excursion to all the castles in the region.

Many hotels await you for a little more originality; I recommend the small domes in the Sarthe near the castles to spice up a romantic getaway.

For an unforgettable experience, you even have the possibility of flying over the castles in a hot air balloon.

You can even take the opportunity to visit the surrounding cities, such as Orléans and Tours, where many activities and outings are also possible, enough to combine the visit of historic places with the city’s nightlife. Here, shopping, unusual excursions, restaurants, and bars await you to complete a stay steeped in history.

In short, a one-of-a-kind stay awaits you here.


Bordeaux is also one of the popular destinations in France. Known for its wine, the city is an ideal destination for a romantic holiday. Many possibilities are available to you.

As for the region, the opportunity is ideal for an excursion in the Bordeaux vineyards, enough to offer you a moment of calm to share as a couple. Furthermore, you can visit them in a sidecar for more originality. Finally, as the city is also close to the ocean, you will even have the possibility of going to the coast and enjoying the various nautical activities between surfing and boat trips.

On the city side, many unmissable places await you to visit; impossible to come here without taking a tour of the Place de la Bourse and the water mirror.

You can also visit the various museums and monuments, such as the Museum of Fine Arts or the Saint-André Cathedral. Whether you are an art lover or simply eager to discover, you will find everything you need here to satisfy your curiosity.

If you are looking for more fun activities, you will also be spoiled for choice. Do not hesitate to test yourself in enology; the opportunity is perfect.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of the Saint-Pierre district and its many restaurants; I also recommend the delicious cuisine of the contemporary restaurant Le Davoli; the cozy atmosphere and the dishes on the menu ensure a perfect romantic meal.



A corner perched in the Vaucluse, Gordes is a top-rated destination for romantic getaways. For a good reason, the setting is ideal for a romantic holiday a few steps from Avignon.

Succumb to the city’s charm and let yourself be tempted by a visit to this atypical little town. The heart of the very picturesque village is pleasant to visit; the cobbled streets and the view of the large Luberon Park will offer you a most romantic afternoon. The setting is undeniably ideal for a quiet stay, almost in paradise.

For lovers of art and history, it is impossible to miss the Château de Gordes and the Romanesque church of Saint-Firmin. The unique architecture of these buildings is an absolute pleasure for the eyes.

To make the most of Gordes, I recommend that you take a tour of the surroundings. The calades and the Ocher trail in the Luberon are real gems. This unique landscape and its red rocks will amaze you. You can get there by car, by bike, and even go there on a hike; the result is really worth the effort!

I advise you to tour the Notre Dame de Sénanque abbey, especially during the lavender flowering period, which will offer you a natural visual spectacle.

Gordes is an ideal destination for couples who love art and culture looking for peace and a change of scenery.

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