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costa rica family vacations – Your heart beats for exotic trips away from mass tourism, but you travel with kith and kin? Family trip with children to distant countries, is that even possible? With our Costa Rica long-distance family trips, you can even take the little ones with you on a trip into the dense green of Central America, almost as comfortably as in an all-inclusive vacation but with an individual travel character.

The family trips selected here have been chosen with care and consider the needs of the little ones, while parents do not have to forego their adventure vacation. In any case, it never gets boring! A round trip with a rental car is particularly suitable for Costa Rica family trips since you are more flexible with departures and stopovers, you can design your route individually, and you don’t have to consider a travel group.

Family-friendly travel: what to look out for?

Our recommended travel partner creates their family-friendly itineraries according to firm principles that have proven themselves:

There are no physically exhausting tours
Accommodations rarely change
Attractions such as animal observations are entertaining and child-friendly
There is a lot to discover, experience and nibble on
Beach holidays and bathing days to relax and build sandcastles are planned

Suitable Costa Rica attractions for children

Experience has shown that children’s interest in observing animals can only be kept alive if there is a lot of variety (or their own favorite animal) to see quickly. The parks of the private rescue and reintroduction centers in Costa Rica make it particularly easy for the kids (and their parents) to see numerous animal species right from the start.

Some specialize in certain animals; for example, Zoo Ave near the town of Alajuelas is particularly successful in rearing and breeding scarlet macaws, which are later released into the country’s nature reserves.

The Centro de Rescate La Marina near Ciudad Quesada successfully releases sloths, pacas, and tapirs in the mini-zoo Las Pumas near Cañas in the province of Guanacaste orphaned pumas and jaguars have a small refuge.

Haven’t you yet found the right family trip for you and your children? Then let us advise you by phone and put together your personal Costa Rica trip from Costa Rica travel experts. Simply use our contact form, and our experts will be happy to advise you.

Highlights of Costa Rica

Here is an ideal introductory tour in the heart of the country with loving details and the option of an optional extension.

Become an explorer and breathe in the Latin American tropical air. This short round trip takes you to the most important highlights of Costa Rica, leaving enough time for individual extensions. A German-speaking tour guide will accompany you on your adventure.

From the volcanic highlands to the beautiful Caribbean coast
In addition to hikes at the foot of the famous Arenal volcano, you get a first-hand insight into the everyday life of a farmer on Finca Sura and can even plant your own pineapple seedling. Experience how the popular pick-me-up is ripened and processed on a coffee tour. Don’t miss out on enjoying a fresh cup of coffee. Visiting thermal springs is not the only way to relax: the intricate canal landscape in Tortuguero National Park takes you into dense vegetation with an incredible variety of species. Listen to the sounds of the jungle as you cruise through the national park in a boat – and spot sea turtles on the beach from July to September.

Your extension options are as diverse as the rainforest
Do you want to round off your trip with a swim on the Pacific or Caribbean coast, or can you go deeper into the jungle green in Corcovado National Park? We would be happy to advise you on extending your trip to Panama, Cuba, or Aruba.

Costa Rica Vacation Packages for your family are loaded with wonders. It’s easy to find common ground in awe of Costa Rica’s natural environment. When asked where you’re taking your loved ones on the next family vacation, you can say Costa Rica. My Costa Rica will guarantee future stories about lizards and sloths flying in the sky.

Costa Rica Vacation Packages for your family

This country is a safe destination, perfect for families and those traveling with children. The genuine kindness of the people will make you and your family feel at home. Costa Rica is truly a natural park. It offers the visitor a wide range of activities to choose from. So you are sure to find something that will appeal to everyone in your family. Many hotels and resorts offer their guests two or three rooms. Also, comfortably accommodate larger groups and children. Some families choose to stay in one of the all-inclusive hotels. Many offer babysitting services and daily activities that help keep the kids busy and give mom and dad some much-needed time to themselves.

Caribbean Dream in Manuel Antonio

Caribbean Dream and Manuel Antonio Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1:
As soon as you step out of the airport, we’ll be there waiting for you with your personalized welcome pack in hand to help you get started in Costa Rica. We direct the transportation service that will take you to your first destination in San José to stay at Hotel Aurola.

Day 2:
You will take another transport service that will take you to Puerto Viejo. You will spend the night at Cariblue Bungalows.

Day 3:
Now you are going to take a tour of the Jaguar Rescue Center. They have a wide variety of wildlife, such as crocodiles, snakes, sloths, monkeys, and different types of birds.

Day 4:
Your next destination will be Tortuguero to prepare for trips to one of the most hidden places in Costa Rica. When in Tortuguero, you will stay at Laguna Lodge. Laguna will take care of your every need and make you feel relaxed after a long morning drive.

Day 5:
Now you will have a tour through the canals of Tortuguero; this tour is full of adventure and wildlife. A guide will point out all the exciting parts of the tour. You will be given a first-hand experience of Tortuguero.

Day 6 – 7:
Day Six is ​​here, and it’s time to go all the way to Arenal. Once in Arenal, you will stay at the Arenal Paraíso Resort. Arenal Paraíso is a very cozy little spa that will take all your stress away during your stay, not to mention the world-class viewpoint of the Arenal Volcano.

Day 8:
Today we are going on a Sky Trek and Sky Tram tour. Each tour will give you a great view of the jungle below. Check out the canopy as you go through the forest and experience a thrill. The cable car is a bit slower, but it’s great to help you see all the wildlife and jungle.

Day 9 -10:
On our way to Manuel Antonio, you will love the scenery, and the excitement is even more significant once we reach our destination. The Manuel Antonio Beach and National Park is a perfect way to end your trip. Explore the park and spend some quality time. Next, you will stay in Costa Verde, where you will take a sunset cruise tour on the Marlin Del Rey. This is a luxury catamaran cruise, and food and beverages will be custom-made for you.

Day 11:
Spend some relaxing time at the Costa Verde resort and sit back to enjoy the warm weather with your family or friends; this is a great place to let all the stress roll away.

Day 12:
This is your last full day in Costa Rica, and you will now be transferred back to San José to stay at the Aurola Hotel.

Day 13:
It’s time to head back to the airport, and you’ll leave wanting to be back soon.

Caribbean Extended Stay

Caribbean Dreams Extended Stay Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1:
We will be waiting for you on your extended trip to Costa Rica at the airport. First, we will give you a personalized welcome pack to start guiding you during the journey. Then, we will take you to your bus and take you to your first location in San José, the Holiday Inn Aurola.

Day 2:
For the next day, you will find a transfer to Puerto Viejo. There you will stay at the Cariblue Bungalows. You will stay there overnight to relax after a long journey.

Day 3:
We will have a good time on a tour through the Jaguar Rescue Center, which is a lot of fun. You will see different animals, including howler monkeys and toucans. Let the baby howlers jump over it so you can see the sloth.

Day 4:
On our fourth day, we will take a diving tour in Cahuita. This is also an enjoyable tour to add to your itinerary. Seeing a wide variety of colorful fish and corals is a great day to spend swimming in the crystal clear Caribbean waters.

Day 5 – 7:
Now we are going to make our way to Tortuguero. You will stay at Laguna Lodge for your trip to this region in the Caribbean. Relax a bit the next few days in this area. You will be enchanted by the profound beauty of every part of Tortuguero, from the lush landscape to the crystal clear canals teeming with life.

Day 8:
Now is the day to explore Tortuguero on your guided canals tour. You will share all the knowledge with the guide; he will explain everything you see on your trip.

Day 9:
After enjoying Tortuguero, you can see another country region in Arenal. Here is the Arenal Volcano, a magnificent sight to experience in the area’s landscape. When check-in time arrives in Arenal, it will be at Arenal Paraíso Resort; this peaceful resort will relax you and take you to a happy place in the paradise of the jungle and the volcano.

Day 10:
You will experience an exhilarating experience on the Sky Trek and Sky Tram. Being this high, the canopy of the jungle very stimulating. You are speeding through the woods to meet the next base, only to be whirled back to the following line. The next tour is just as fun, but in a different way. The Sky Tram allows you to move slowly down the hillside to see wildlife.

Day 11:
Today we head out and down to Monteverde. Monteverde is a beautiful place that has most of the cloud forests in Costa Rica. You will see a different kind of jungle here. Upon arrival at this beautiful location, you will stay at the Trapp Family Lodge. This peaceful farmhouse will also help you unwind from your travels.

Day 12:
Now we are going to take a tour of the Rio Celeste. Nearby the Tenorio Volcano is a different place to check out the calm pools and see an unnaturally blue river. The blue comes from a volcanic rock that reacts with water.

Day 13:
Visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. This magical place will incite the spirit of adventure. You can see a wide variety of flora and fauna, all the beautiful things here.

Day 14:
It is the 14th, and he is heading to Manuel Antonio. The Manuel Antonio beach area contains a wealth of things, such as the beach. Some of the best beaches in Costa Rica are located here. You will also find the Manuel Antonio, National Park. Once you have arrived, you will stay at the Hotel Costa Verde.

Day 15:
A tour of the National Park, where you will take a relaxing sunset cruise on the Marlin Del Rey in the afternoon.

Day 16:
Now it’s time to return to your hotel, The Courtyard Marriott Alajuela; we hope you enjoyed your trip to Costa Rica. During your last night, you can see all the photos you took or spend time in San Jose eating and having a great night.

Day 17:
Transportation will take you to SJO airport, where you will meet your flight home. But, don’t forget to come back again to visit the land “PuraVida”.

Points of interest with Extended Stay

Costa Rica Prolonged Itinerary Day by Day
Day 1:
Today is the day to start your amazing, fantastic trip to Costa Rica. First, we will meet you personally at the airport with a personalized welcome pack. We then headed straight for the first hotel. The Aurola Holiday Inn is one of the friendliest and most central hotels in downtown San José, with a beautiful view of Morazán Park and the National Museum.

Day 2:
Now it’s time for your transportation to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo. Here you will stay in the Cariblue Bungalows. Cariblue caters to those who love to kick back and put their feet up after a full day of travel—being in one of its spacious wooden bungalows surrounded by gardens, a few steps from the golden beaches of Cocles.

Day 3:
On day three, we will take you to the Jaguar Rescue Center, the chocolate tour, and a waterfall. This trip combines three of our most popular activities: a visit to an animal sanctuary and rescue center. Then a visit to an indigenous family that shows how they make chocolate from the cacao trees in their yard and a visit to a local waterfall and swimming hole.

Day 4:
Check out the Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. Enjoy this fantastic tour. There you will find many wild inhabitants of the rainforest—for example, toucans, monkeys, sloths, alligators, and much more.

Day 5 – 6
We now take you all the way north on the Caribbean side on a shuttle to stay at Laguna Lodge. The lodge is designed to fully enjoy natural things in the Tortuguero National Park, located on a narrow strip of land between the Caribbean Sea and the Tortuguero Lagoon. Later, experience a boat ride through the canals of Tortuguero. This tour is fantastic to see the diversity in this region. Next, take another shuttle to stay in Arenal Paraíso. Arenal Paraíso Resort and Spa gives you a reason to sit back and enjoy. It is one of the best stops on this luxurious property.

Day 8:
Sky Trek and Cable Car Tour are two exciting tours sure to engage and let out the inner child to play. The views you have from the top of the canopy line take your breath away. The Sky Trek travel experience will make you a little more relaxed. Travel through the jungle observing everything that the eye can see.

Day 9 -10:
Take a rafting connection to the Rio Tenorio. You will hit the rustic back roads of Guanacaste and then take a rugged 4×4 ride to the Tenorio River. Experience the rapids of a strong river and have fun as the guide will take you through the funniest part of the trip. At the end of the rafting tour, it will take you to stay at the Tamarindo Diriá hotel.

Day 11:
On day eleven, you have an adventure pass to experience it all! Diamante’s Adventure Pass allows you to experience all that Diamante has to offer and includes a welcome drink and lunch.

Day 12 – 13
Time to take another transportation transfer to Manuel Antonio. Once there you will stay in Costa Verde. It is situated in a rainforest overlooking the Pacific beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park.

Day 14 – 15:
The next day you can sit back, enjoy your time in Manuel Antonio, and take a park tour. Later, you can take a luxury cruise on the Isla Aventura Catamaran.

day 16
Next, transport to Sierpe and transfer by boat from Sierpe or domestic flight to Drake Bay to the Rancho Corcovado hotel. Rainforest activities will bring guests together, and experiences include a variety of tours that choose Caño Island, horseback riding, snorkeling, scuba diving, boat trips to the mangrove sea, dolphins, and whale watching. Hotel Rancho Corcovado is ideal for vacations and for people who enjoy an adventure in nature and who want to be part of conservation.

Day 17:
Take a tour of the Caño Island Biological Reserve, about 15 km from the Osa Peninsula. The island’s border has white sand beaches, and a well-protected fringing reef makes this island the best place in Costa Rica for diving and snorkeling. It is possible to see fish, turtles, manta rays, dolphins, and whales, to name a few. However, the island also has no trace of having a whole experience.

Day 18:
Day 18 will give a trip to the Corcovado National Park to walk the Madrigal, Paradise Cemetery, and El Barco trails. Corcovado Park is a magical place where you will see all kinds of wildlife.

Day 19:
It’s time to take a boat cruise to Sierpe or a domestic flight from Drake Bay to your next destination and move on to Trogon Lodge, not far from San José. Trogon Lodge is a great place. You will feel totally in another world and possibly be at peace seeing the Quetzal.

Day 20:
It’s almost the end of your trip, but don’t worry, now you can take the Quetzales tour. The name alone explains the tour. But in reality, what he experiences is entirely different. You will see many birds, but the one you want is the Quetzal, a very famous and rare bird to visit in Costa Rica.

Day 21:
Unfortunately, your trip has ended today, but after 20 nights of fantastic excursions and activities, you indeed ended up so tired that you may need a vacation from your vacation. Either way, we headed back to San Jose.

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