Beach vacation packing list

beach vacation packing list – You pack your suitcase and take it with you. Are three packs of swim diapers enough? Did you take the baby anti-gravel? Where is your husband’s passport? Ah, you forgot to wash your daughter’s favorite T-shirt!

The house temporarily looks like a dressing r; everything is taken out, stacked, packed, and unpacked again. We iron clothes, buy new bathing slippers, and pack a week’s worth of provisions for an eight-hour trip.

Packing for summer vacation is a high-level mental exercise and quite exhausting even for a single person. However, with children, this becomes a challenge.

Good packaging!

Anyone going on holiday with children needs an elephant’s memory. Second: a caravan. Or our handy vacation packing list! With the travel checklist, you are sure to have everything you need.

Pro tips for packing

How to pack for the holidays?

Packing for the holidays is an activity that few people enjoy. It’s not the most fascinating thing in the world, but it doesn’t have to be difficult either. All you need is good preparation and a list of handy items.

Before you decide you need it all, check out what you need to pack when traveling to a particular place – and use some packing tips from experienced travelers. To make your trip a success:

Adapt the size of the suitcase to the number of days you are going to spend on your journey – with a briefcase or backpack that is too big; you risk carrying a lot of unnecessary things,

When packing clothes, make sure they match each other – sometimes it’s good to create pre-planned sets of clothes,

Secure items – in case the weather turns bad, to prevent them from getting wet,

Group articles by categories to be able to find them easily,

Don’t shop before the trip – new shoes can hurt your feet, and unworn clothes might not look as good as they did in the fitting room.

A typical packing list includes clothing, cosmetics, and accessories. But remember that you may also need a first aid kit in some places. This is particularly important if you are planning, for example, a vacation in the mountains or traveling abroad, where certain medicines may be difficult or impossible to obtain.

If you have little room in your suitcase, consider rolling your clothes. This way, you can save up to 1/3 of the suitcase space.

Spread everything out in front of you. This will give you another big picture, and you can check off all the items on your vacation packing list and start your vacation with peace of mind.

Making a beach vacation packing list can reduce the number of items you bring from home but save you from leaving essential items behind. For example, if you’re traveling by plane, carrying minimal luggage can save you money on transportation costs. Create a beach vacation packing list around everyday essentials like prescription drugs; also include beach-specific items like sunscreen and bathing suits.

Creating a list

Making a list of needed items that s a great way to start. For example, a beach vacation planning list should include items related to sunbathing and swimming and daily-use clothing, toiletries, and medications. 

Starting with a comprehensive beach vacation packing list allows you to narrow down the items you bring without making last-minute additions. Remembering beach essentials include swimsuits, sunglasses, sunscreen, and sand toys. Include items that would go well with any vacation destination, such as a camera, reading material, and a cell phone with a charger.

Once a complete list is established, you can modify it by removing items that are not essential, are duplicates, or can be found at the vacation destination. For example, items such as beach chairs, towels, and flotation devices may be available on-site if you stay at a hotel. It’s worth a quick scan of the hotel’s website to determine what items can easily be found at the establishment.

Booking a hotel room or condo with laundry facilities can help reduce the beach vacation packing list. Fewer items can be included in the baggage if the clothes can be washed and worn again during the trip. A room with a hair dryer, iron, or similar personal care items will also help cut down on the beach vacation packing list.

Packing dual-use items is another way to reduce the total amount you bring to the beach, such as a sundress you can also wear to dinner or as a cover-up for the beach, or pair of flip-flops you can wear on the beach and the mainland. Sharing items is a great way to whittle down a beach vacation packing list. For example, bring a big bottle of sunscreen instead of several small ones, or pack some DVDs that the whole family can enjoy.

Important travel documents

Passport / Identity card

Driving license, vehicle documents

Cash / Credit Cards

Insurance certificates

Vaccination cards

Travel documents (tickets, hotel, map)

Emergency numbers

Do not forget!

Handbag / Backpack / Beach Bag

Wallet / Coin pouch


Writing utensils and address book if needed


Camera equipment

Foreign adapters

Batteries and Chargers

First aid kit

Disinfectant spray

Plaster / Bandage

personal medication (prescription)

Painkillers for adults


Syrup against cough

Nasal spray / drops / aspirator

Insect repellent spray

Possibly earplugs

Fever gauge

Suppositories for vomiting/fever

baby packing list


pot cleaner

Drinking bottles (filled)

Special foods (powdered milk)


Thermos bottle


Nuschis and bibs

Nugget / Nuggi chain



Changing mat

Travel towel/swaddle

Possibly travel cot/sleeping bag

baby monitor

Doudou (& replacement)

Sun protection for the car

Car seat

Baby carrier

High chair

Stroller / Buggy

Change of clothes

Toys and entertainment

Card games and other games

iPad / Tablet

E-reader / Books / Magazines

Toys (don’t overuse them)

Painting materials


Swim Briefs / Swimwear / Swim Diapers

Beach towel/picnic blanket

Hat/sun cap


Beach bag

UV swimwear

Bath shoes

Buoyancy aids (wings, buoyancy ring)


Parasol Sand Toys

Kids Clothing

Light jacket


Pants / Leggings

Pants and socks (non-slip)

Pajamas / Tracksuits

Shoes (robust and light)

Shorts / Skirt

Change of clothes


Rain gear if needed

Possibly sports clothes

Child necessities 

Shower gel and shampoo for children

Body and face cream

Wound protection cream

Sunscreen for children

Children’s hairbrush

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Cotton swabs

Scissors and nail file, tweezers

Plastic bags for dirty laundry

Toilet paper (camping or excursion)

Individual detergent packets

Parents clothes

Jacket Pants (short and long)


Underwear and socks

Skirts / Dresses

Pajamas / Tracksuits

Shoes (robust and light)

Accessories (scarf, jewelry, belt)

Rain gear if needed

Possibly sports clothes

Parents necessities

Shower gel and shampoo

Body and face cream

Solar cream

After Sun

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Hair spray/gel


Hair ties and clips

Towels / Washcloths

possibly glasses/contact lens accessories

Cosmetics (makeup, make-up remover)

shaving set

Deodorant / Perfume

Tampons / panty liners

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From Jhon Travel4King System

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