Do you need a passport to travel to mexico

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Documentation and procedures

Valid Spanish passport.
Round trip plane ticket.
Crucial: Spanish-Mexican national doubles.

Mexican law recognizes dual nationality. However, travelers with Spanish and Mexican nationality must carry their Mexican passport in Mexico at all times, including upon arrival and departure. According to Mexican law, they must hold Mexican nationality and identify themselves accordingly.

Do you need a passport to travel to mexico? – VISAS

Spaniards traveling for tourism do not need a visa but must enter and leave Mexico with a valid passport (ordinary, service, or diplomatic).

Very important: New Mexican immigration legislation.
On November 9, 2012, the new Regulations of the Mexican Migration Law came into effect, introducing important new features:

EXIT OF MINORS AND DISABLED FROM MEXICAN TERRITORY. As of January 24, 2014, to leave Mexico, minors traveling alone or accompanied by a third party other than their parents or guardians must present a document issued before a notary public or by an authority empowered to do so upon their departure. The authorization of both parents or those who exercise parental control or guardianship over them is recorded. In the case of a document granted abroad, it must be legalized or apostilled as the case may be, with its translation when it is a language other than Spanish.

IT IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE TO CHANGE YOUR STATUS FROM VISITOR (TOURIST) TO TEMPORARY RESIDENT WITH PERMISSION TO WORK WHILE STAYING IN MEXICO. In other words, if you enter as a tourist, obtaining a work permit is impossible while still in the country. Instead, you must leave the country and process the permit at a Mexican consulate abroad after the employer who makes the work offer begins the procedure before the National Institute of Migration in Mexico.
Suppose you plan to travel to Mexico for a reason other than tourism (work, adoption, studies, etc.). It is recommended that you previously inform the Embassy of Mexico, its Consulates in Spain, or anywhere else about the requirements for entering the country. Country and, if necessary, request the corresponding visa before traveling.

You can also check the current regulations and requirements for entry and stay in the country on the following website: National Institute of MigrationOpens in a new window.

Critical: Entry into Mexico without a visa

It is not allowed to enter Mexico without a visa unless the purpose of the trip is:

Tourism or vacations (visitor status without permission to carry out paid activities).
Internment as technical or executive personnel with a foreign payroll. This implies the possibility of entering without a visa to carry out a short-term professional activity as long as you are employed and paid abroad. You can prove it upon entry if requested by immigration agents.
For example, it would be the case if a Spanish employee of a Spanish company, who’s paid in Spain, travels to Mexico on a business trip. Such as negotiating a contract with Mexican companies to collaborate on constructing a plant the Spanish company paying him has invested in, etc.). In case of doubt, check with the Mexican Embassy or Consulate before traveling.

In both cases (tourism or internment as an executive or technical personnel with a foreign payroll), one enters Mexico as a visitor without authorization to carry out remunerated activities.
The maximum limit of permanence in Mexico in both cases is 180 days.
To carry out paid activities in Mexico, a visa is ALWAYS necessary.
Very important: There are cases of non-admission of Spanish citizens at Mexican airports (the person is retained and forced to return on the first available flight with the same company with which they arrived). These are people who arrive without a visa and to whom the Mexican authorities deny entry into Mexico on the grounds that they do not prove the tourist reason for their trip.

If you travel without a visa and for tourism or vacation reasons, you must be able to prove when you arrive at the airport:

The place or places where you will stay during your entire stay:
It is advisable to have the corresponding reservation or reservations printed if it is a hotel.
Suppose you are going to stay with a friend or family member. In that case, you must know the exact address where that home is located (write it down on the immigration form that will be given to you on the plane before you arrive) and the full name and telephone number of the person who invites you.
Your economic solvency, that is, you must be able to prove, if required upon entry, that you have sufficient financial means to cover your food and accommodation during the entire stay.


mmigration requirements
Mexico has not restricted entry within the framework of the current contingency, except for the ones determined by the Migration Law and its Regulations.
Entry to Mexico is conditional on the approval of the health and immigration authorities at the point of entry, which may at any time verify the requirements established in the applicable legal provisions in the immigration review filter. People of Argentine nationality do not require a visa to visit Mexico for tourism purposes, but they must verify the reasons for their trip before the immigration authority.

What should I present when I arrive in Mexico before the immigration authority?

If your stay in Mexico is for up to 180 days as a visitor without permission to carry out paid activities (for tourism), in the immigration review filter, you must present the following:

Valid passport (during your entire stay and departure) and valid according to international law. The DNI is NOT acceptable as a travel document to Mexico.
FMM duly completed (will be provided by the airline during the flight).
The immigration authority may request the foreign person to prove the reason for their trip through the following documents:
Air ticket with fixed dates of entry and exit. (Only if you have a resident visa can you enter Mexico with an entry ticket only); tour tickets, hotel, etc. (itinerary).
Lodging reservation or letter of invitation addressed to you from the person hosting you. The letter must contain: the inviter’s signature, his data (name, date of birth, address where you and your host reside) -the relationship between you and said person, -your data ( name, nationality, date of birth), -dates and purpose of the trip.
Economic solvency. It can be in cash at a rate of U$50 per day, traveler’s checks, or credit cards.
If you are visiting Mexico invited by your company, a letter from your company or employer specifying that the company will bear the costs of your stay in the country.
Letter from a public or private organization or institution in which the foreign person is invited to participate in some unpaid activity in national territory, stating the purpose of the visit and the estimated length of stay. In the event that the organization or institution bears the travel and permanence expenses of the foreign person in the national territory, a responsive letter must be attached.
Letter of invitation or acceptance from an institution belonging to the National Educational System to carry out courses, studies, research, or training projects for a maximum period of 180 days, specifying that they will not receive financial remuneration.
For more information, you can read these recommendations for Argentine tourists prepared by the Argentine government.

NOTE: If you do not know if your nationality requires a visa to travel to Mexico, please read our page’s frequently asked questions section.

Sanitary requirements

The Ministry of Health in Mexico asks all passengers to complete the format “Questionnaire for the identification of risk factors for travelers” to identify risk factors for the coronavirus COVID-19.

Do you need a passport to travel to mexico? – Important notes:

It should be noted that some airlines in Argentina request completing this questionnaire as a requirement for boarding. It is clarified that this questionnaire does not constitute a migratory restriction, and not having it cannot impede boarding a flight to Mexico.
The questionnaire can be filled out online using electronic devices (cell phones, tablets). Alternatively, suppose you do not have mobile devices or internet connectivity. In that case, you will be given a physical copy upon arrival at the airport to be filled out and reviewed. by security personnel at the first airport filter in Mexico.
According to the National Directorate of Migration, from November 1, non-resident foreigners from any country may enter through the safe corridors contained on the page of the Argentine immigration authority and with the requirements of the tourism pilot plan. Furthermore, as of November 1, authorized international river services through safe corridors will also have their capacity released, operating with 100% occupancy.

Argentines, Argentines, residents who present a complete vaccination schedule 14 days before admission, negative PCR 72 hours. Before boarding, they will be exempt from preventive isolation. If negative, those who do not present a complete vaccination schedule must quarantine and perform a PCR on the seventh day of admission.

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