A Guide to the Best Restaurants in Berlin: From Modern German Cuisine to International Flavors

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Berlin is a vibrant and diverse city, filled with a wide variety of restaurants serving everything from traditional German cuisine to international flavors. Whether you’re a foodie looking for the next culinary adventure or a traveler seeking a taste of local culture, Berlin’s dining scene has something for everyone. In this guide, we’ll take you on a culinary journey through the best restaurants in Berlin, exploring the city’s diverse culinary landscape and highlighting some of the top spots to indulge in the city’s food scene.

Traditional German Cuisine

When it comes to German cuisine, Berlin has no shortage of options. From hearty comfort foods to delicate pastries, traditional German cuisine is an essential part of Berlin’s dining scene. Here are some of the best restaurants to try:

Max und Moritz

Max und Moritz is a popular restaurant located in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, serving traditional German dishes with a modern twist. The cozy, rustic atmosphere and hearty portions make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Zur Haxe

If you’re looking for authentic German cuisine, Zur Haxe is the place to go. This traditional German restaurant in Mitte is famous for its pork knuckle, a local specialty that’s sure to satisfy any meat lover.

Zur Haxe
Image Credit: sattundfroh

International Flavors

Berlin’s multicultural population has contributed to a thriving international food scene, with a wide variety of cuisines represented throughout the city. Here are some of the best restaurants to try:


Maroush is a popular Lebanese restaurant with several locations throughout Berlin. Known for its authentic Middle Eastern flavors and cozy atmosphere, it’s a great spot for a casual lunch or dinner with friends.

Image Credit: thrillist


Dudu is a trendy Asian fusion restaurant located in Mitte. Combining the flavors of Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan, Dudu offers a unique dining experience that’s perfect for foodies and adventurers alike.

Fine Dining

If you’re looking for a more upscale dining experience, Berlin has plenty of options for you. Here are some of the best fine-dining restaurants in the city:


Located in the Mandala Hotel, Facil is a Michelin-starred restaurant known for its innovative cuisine and stunning views of the city. With a focus on seasonal ingredients and creative presentations, Facil is a must-visit for any foodie.

Image Credit: cntraveler


Rutz is a wine bar and restaurant located in Mitte, offering a modern European menu and an extensive wine list. With a focus on locally-sourced ingredients and a commitment to sustainability, Rutz is a great choice for a special occasion or romantic dinner.

Hidden Gems

While Berlin has plenty of well-known restaurants, there are also many hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Here are a few of the best lesser-known restaurants in the city:

Restaurant Tim Raue

While not exactly a hidden gem, Restaurant Tim Raue is often overlooked by tourists in favor of more well-known fine dining establishments. However, this Michelin-starred restaurant in Kreuzberg is worth a visit for its creative Asian-inspired cuisine and elegant atmosphere.

Bar Raval

Bar Raval is a tapas bar located in Neukölln, known for its delicious small plates and cozy atmosphere. The menu changes frequently based on the season, so be sure to ask knowledgeable staff for recommendations.

Budget-Friendly Options

Berlin’s dining scene is known for being relatively affordable, with many great options available for those on a budget. Here are some of the best budget-friendly restaurants in the city:

Mustafas Gemüse Kebap

Mustafas Gemüse Kebap is a legendary street food stand located in Kreuzberg, known for its delicious vegetarian and vegan kebabs. While the lines can be long, the affordable prices and flavorful food make it worth the wait.

Mustafas Gemüse Kebap
Image Credit: withberlinlove

Markthalle Neun

Markthalle Neun is a historic market hall in Kreuzberg, home to a variety of food stalls and restaurants serving everything from artisanal cheese to Vietnamese street food. With a lively atmosphere and affordable prices, it’s a great spot for a casual meal or snack.


What is the best time to visit Berlin’s restaurants?

The best time to visit Berlin’s restaurants depends on your preference. Lunchtime is generally less busy than dinnertime, and many restaurants offer lunch specials. However, some restaurants are only open for dinner, so be sure to check the hours before you go.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options available in Berlin’s restaurants?

Yes, Berlin’s restaurants have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available. The city is known for its vibrant vegetarian and vegan dining scene, with many restaurants dedicated solely to plant-based cuisine.

How much should I expect to spend on a meal at one of Berlin’s best restaurants?

The cost of a meal at one of Berlin’s best restaurants varies widely depending on the establishment. Fine dining restaurants can be quite expensive, with multi-course menus costing upwards of €100 per person. However, there are also many affordable options available, especially for street food and casual dining.

Do I need to make reservations at Berlin’s top restaurants?

While not all of Berlin’s top restaurants require reservations, it is always a good idea to book ahead if possible, especially for popular establishments. Many restaurants offer online booking options, so be sure to check the restaurant’s website for details.

Can I find international cuisine in Berlin’s restaurants?

Yes, Berlin’s restaurants offer a wide variety of international cuisine, from Italian and French to Thai and Mexican. Many restaurants specialize in fusion cuisine, combining international flavors with German ingredients and techniques.


Berlin’s dining scene is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself, with something for every taste and budget. From traditional German cuisine to international flavors, fine dining experiences to hidden gems, and budget-friendly options to street food, the city’s culinary landscape is a must-visit for any foodie. So, whether you’re a local or a tourist, be sure to explore the best restaurants in Berlin, from modern German cuisine to international flavors.

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