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best asian restaurants in los angeles – We are at an excellent time for those who like sushi. The Japanese food scene in Los Angeles is more vital than ever as diners’ palates seem more receptive to raw fish and more inclined to simplicity than last year’s rolls covered in fancy mayonnaise. There seems to be sushi everywhere in Los Angeles but in downtown L.A. In particular, it has infinite options. Little Tokyo is a true sushi hub; not far from there are some more established places like Sushi Zo and Sugarfish. You’ll find a mix of luxury and more affordable options, all without having to go far.


Sugarfish is known for its “trust me” menu, in which beautiful, compact portions of nigiri rolls are brought to the table as we eat. The rice is always the right temperature and consistency, and the fish is always creamy and smooth. Here it is intense, but this is only part of the whole concept. A typical menu has seven items: a couple of handmade rolls and a small plate of organic edamame. You can also order other dishes if you wish, but their menu is usually more than enough.

2. Q

If you’re looking for something traditional, there’s no place in Los Angeles better than Q. Chef Hiroyuki Naruke is a champion of Edomae cuisine, using red vinegar for the rice, a pinch of salt, and eliminating the use of sugar. In Edo-style cooking, rice was naturally sweetened, and sugar was not needed. The fish is according to the season and is imported from all over the world. This 26-seat restaurant has an intimate atmosphere and is highly detail-oriented. Wasabi is glazed on top; some rolls have a brush of miso, and others a very delicate soybean.


In many ways, Kazunori is bringing back what sushi used to be. Fingertip fast food Started by the same people behind Sugarfish, Kazunori is a handmade roll place located on Main Street between 4th and 5th, and a champion of sensible rice-wrapped ingredients wrapped in turn in crispy nori seaweed. That’s it: handmade rolls and a couple of drinks: Same quality as Sugarfish, but much simpler.


Sushi Gen is one of Los Angeles’ favorite sushi spots that has been around for over three decades, and Angelenos are well aware of it. Rows start from the same input at the time of ordering. Chirashi is a variety made up of the freshest catch of the day. Although salmon slices are notably absent, they have an incredible variety of fresh tuna, trout, yellowtail, squid, and eel options. But, of course, the best fishing is at the bar – where you’ll find a spectacular selection of snacks that won’t disappoint.


Hama is only for sushi; you will not find tempura, teriyaki, or noodles, and you cannot order rice alone. The focus is on raw fish over rice, and the quality speaks for itself. Sit at the bar, order individual pieces, or ask the chef to help you choose. We recommend the shrimp Ebi and velvety salmon.


It’s a shame that Nabeeya is only open for lunch because it’s fantastic, and the prices are very affordable. Unfortunately, they recently changed owners, but the quality is still their star point, as in the chirashi bowl—raw fish on a bed of rice, deliciously seasoned. While sashimi is the main attraction, we can easily be lured away by the spring-style medley of fish roe, seaweed, and vegetables.


The $160 omakase is the main factor that attracts and deters people from visiting this place. But if you have both the money and the patience to enjoy it. Angelenos swear that Sushi Zoe is one of their best sushi experiences. Suppose you are lucky enough to get a piece of smoked salmon with a glowing, almost neon, blood-orange color. You may also find Washington oysters, Australian bull, or Monterey abalone. Each dish is a true procession that marches towards your mouth, educating us on what sushi really should be.

8. SUSHI GO 55

Sushi Go 55 has been in Little Tokyo for almost 60 years, located on top of the Galleria Market in Little Tokyo. They have all the traditional options, but it’s more of a place known for the two-tier chirasi. The top bowl is the usual variety of fish – snapper, tuna, yellowtail, and salmon. The rice comes at the bottom and is seasoned with lots of fish roe, seaweed, and grated egg.


Although we didn’t find any fish in Shojin’s rolls, it has the quality and flavor to make this list for its stellar variety of vegetable sushi options, including mashed potatoes. In addition, it rolls with tofu and tempeh instead of salmon. And tuna. Their rolls are also usually gluten-free unless specified. And even though it’s completely vegetarian, it’s substantial and great tasting.


Los Angeles has a growing selection of Japanese restaurants. There are plenty of places to choose from ultra-swanky sushi places to more casual ramen restaurants and new-age concepts. We’ve picked a few that are worth talking about. Save them for your next visit, special occasion, or even a low-key night out with friends.

10. MTN

Pronounced “Mountain,” MTN is the latest creation from chef Travis Lett, who brought us Gjelina and Gjusta. Located on Abbot Kinney in Venice, expect a hip crowd and stellar atmosphere. MTN is an Izakaya, a Japanese bar that serves a variety of small plates and snacks to accompany alcoholic beverages but with a California twist. Lett collaborated with two chefs to bring this restaurant and concept to life: one from Oaxaca, Mexico, who worked in Japanese restaurants, and one born and raised in Japan. Although the menu is costly, the experience is worth it. Come with a small group so you can experience more of the menu.

The Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Los Angeles

Do you want to know where the best Chinese food restaurants in Los Angeles are located? If your answer was a Yes! So, I invite you to read this article to the end, where we will break down the most attractive places to provide you with exquisite food and an unforgettable experience.

Los Angeles is a trendy city in the United States, with many tourist places you must visit. In addition, you can locate many restaurants that handle different themes that adapt to what you are looking for. Therefore, if you want to taste the best of Asian cuisine, don’t leave your computer!

The kitchen, without a doubt, is the environment that brings the whole family together, and this same effect is provided by the different restaurants you can visit. So if you’re planning a reunion with your loved ones, check out these Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles!

11. Foo–Chow Chinese Restaurant

Foo–Chow Restaurant Chino offers you one of the best gastronomic experiences, being one of the most visited places in the city of Los Angeles. To start with the tour, you will see a very traditional atmosphere of gastronomy, providing you with spaces that will make you feel as if you were visiting the country of origin.

Additionally, the food has that typical flavor that enhances the experience until it becomes genuine.

12. Yang Chow Restaurant

As a second alternative, you can find Yang Chow Restaurant in the city of Los Angeles. In this small and colorful traditional restaurant, you will find the best dishes of gastronomy, which have a delicious flavor and aroma that will please your cravings.

13. China Garden Chinese Food

China Garden Chinese Food, on the other hand, is a restaurant with a concept similar to fast food establishments. However, this place offers an excellent environment to taste various dishes.

Among the Chinese food restaurants in Los Angeles, this is among the most recommended for its excellent proportions, affordable prices, exquisite flavor, and attentive and cordial customer service. In addition, you can request home service if you do not want to leave home for this purpose.

14. Little China restaurant LAb

We continue with the best alternatives if you want to taste exquisite dishes. For example, in Little China restaurant LA, you can spend a pleasant moment in a traditional atmosphere, in the company of family and friends. On the other hand, the prices are very accessible, and you have a special lunch that will satisfy you.

15. Genghis Cohen 

Genghis Cohen is one of the best places you can visit if you want to enjoy a genuine experience in all senses. This Chinese restaurant will grab you from the moment you walk in, as the decor and atmosphere are impressive. In addition to this, the culinary presentations are impeccable and colorful.

On the other hand, you can taste your dishes in the company of incredible cocktails that will be the perfect complement to make your visit unforgettable.

16. China Gate

China Gate is a restaurant where you will feel very comfortable due to the attention provided by the staff that works in its facilities. The best thing about this place is its food, which is always fresh and exquisite, made with quality ingredients to provide you with an excellent culinary experience.

17. Phoenix Inn Chinese Cuisine – Los Angeles

Phoenix Inn Chinese Cuisine is a highly recommended restaurant by its guests; note that it is an excellent place to taste delicious food. In addition, you will receive exceptional treatment from the staff in charge. On the other hand, the prices are very low, and the presentations handle good proportions.

You will find cocktails, exquisite and attractive desserts, lunches for the whole family, light entrees, sandwiches, and much more on its menu.

18. Little China Express

We continue with Little China Express, where you will have delicious food with magnificent proportions and affordable prices. In addition, the staff in charge focuses on providing you with friendly and cordial treatment to make your visit pleasant.

On the other hand, among the most recommended dishes are famous spring rolls, vegetable, and noodle soup, pork in barbecue sauce, fried shrimp, hot wings, kung pao chicken, sweet and sour chicken, and beef chow mein.

19. Golden Dragon Restaurant

Golden Dragon Restaurant is a place that will leave you fascinated by its excellent traditional, personal, professional, and friendly atmosphere, not to mention how exquisite and attractive each of its dishes looks. In the first instance, you will find an ample space with decorations alluding to gastronomy.

Then, you will have a varied menu at your fingertips that will allow you to enjoy dishes such as steamed dumplings, chicken in sweet and sour sauce, noodles sautéed in vegetables, and much more. In addition, you can accompany your meal with a wide selection of traditional or local drinks.

20. Chinese Cafe

China Café is a Chinese food restaurant in Los Angeles that is very visited by locals and tourists who want to have a good time while enjoying the food, the atmosphere, and the attention the local workers provide. This site offers you fantastic prices and dishes made with quality ingredients.

In this way, your experience in each bite will be unbeatable. Among its guests’ most recommended recipes, we will find orange chicken, pork in sauce, fried rice with vegetables, sautéed shrimp, egg rolls, and much more.

The Best Restaurants In Los Angeles. Little Tokyo

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Little Tokyo offers a delightful walk through Japanese American culture. Humble in size, this charming and walkable district is known for its abundance of family-owned, multi-generational, and compact urban restaurants. Check out the guide to the best places in Little Tokyo.

21. Marugame Monzo

This hip joint has lines forming outside for its delicious udon noodles. Try to sit near the front-row seats at the bar to watch the chefs whip up freshly made thick noodles. Some signature items at Marugame Monzo include the sea urchin cream udon (uni) and the Mentai squid butter udon; be sure to add a side of tempura boiled egg for maximum delight.

Marugame Monzo, 329 E. 1st St., Little Tokyo, Downtown LA, CA, USA, +1 213 346 9762

22. Daikokuyav

As a popular ramen chain with multiple locations in Southern California, Daikokuya originated in Little Tokyo. Reminiscent of the small shop features that ramen shops in Japan traditionally retain, Daikokuya is best known for its Daikoku ramen and spicy miso ramen specialties. As a tip, order the ramen in koterri flavor, a richer broth from back fat.

23. Sushi Gene

With high-quality fish raving for people in Los Angeles, it’s no wonder lines form the door of this sushi restaurant established in 1980. Located in Little Tokyo’s Plaza Honda, Sushi Gen wows guests with its more of your deluxe sashimi platter. So come prepared to empty your wallet in exchange for a legacy experience of their tasty fresh sashimi.

Sushi Gen, 422 E. 2nd St., Little Tokyo, Downtown LA, CA, USA, +1 213 617 0552

24. Shin Sen Gumi Hakata Ramen

Originating in Japan, Shin-Sen-Gumi offers its version of Hakata ramen. It is a pork-based white soup containing thinner, decorative noodles topped with cha-shu (sliced pork rinds), minced spring onions, red ginger, and sesame seeds. The ramen shop also allows guests to add extra toppings to their ramen, such as flavored eggs, wontons, spicy miso paste, or even bacon. With unlimited options, Shin-Sen-Gumi is another must-have ramen shop in Little Tokyo.

Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen, 132 S. Central Ave., Little Tokyo, Downtown LA, CA, USA, +1 213 687 7108

25. Suehiro Cafe

Suehiro Cafe offers a comforting array of traditional dishes for a Japanese treat or a quick late-night lunch. Specials include classic pork chops, Japanese curry dishes, tempura, and chicken karage (pieces of fried chicken).

Suehiro Cafe, 337 E. 1st St., Little Tokyo, Downtown LA, CA, USA, +1 213 626 9132

26. Kinjiro

This restaurant’s answer to tapas is small plate dishes featuring Kinjiro beef tongue, squid ink udon, Wagyu steak, and bone marrow dengaku. Named after a noble statesman brought food and happiness to Japan, Kinjiro brings slight flavors from a traditional culture to form a delicious full-course meal.

Kinjiro, 424 E. 2nd St., Little Tokyo, Downtown LA, California, USA, +1 213 229 8200

27. Komasa Sushi

Fresh fish and delicious sushi come from Sushi Komasa, located just outside Little Tokyo’s Japanese Village Plaza. The small interior makes for lines during rush hours outside, but it’s drawn with beautifully veined marble pieces and perfectly pink albacore slices.

Sushi Komasa, 351 E. 2nd St., Little Tokyo, Downtown LA, CA, USA, +1 213 680 1792

28. Mitsuru Cafe

For a taste of Japanese street snacks, the best place to try in Little Tokyo is Mitsuru Cafe, which serves delicious miniature red bean cakes, chicken karage, shrimp balls, macaroon ice cream sandwiches, and mochi balls on a stick. Enjoy these treats as you stroll through the historic Japanese Village Plaza.

Mitsuru Cafe, 117 Japanese Village Plaza Mall, Little Tokyo, Downtown LA, California, USA, +1 213 613 1028

29. Sweet Coffee

For those who need to satisfy a sweet tooth, head to Cafe Dulce for a variety of uniquely flavored donuts. Choose from the signature ‘Green Tea Donut,’ ‘Bacon Donut Hole,’ ‘Blueberry Roti,’ and many more delicious pastries. Pair your meal with Hong Kong-style milk tea or iced blueberry matcha milk to top it off.

Cafe Dulce, 134 Japanese Village Plaza, Little Tokyo, Downtown LA, California, USA, +1 213 346 9910

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