The 18 best restaurants in Athens

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You can find the best restaurant in Athens by asking yourself a few questions. What are your tastes? Are you looking for a restaurant close to your home or work? How much money do you want to spend? Do you need vegan options? Grilled food? The best restaurant in Athens meets all of these needs. If your tastes are for a restaurant close to your home or work, with affordable and vegan options, then you should look at the gyro places in Athens. These restaurants specialize in grilled meat like chicken, lamb, and vegetables on a pita. They typically have sauces that can have dairy included. Most of these restaurants offer affordable prices and are within walking distance of your home or work.

1. To Kati Allo 

Why not? You could explore one of the hidden Parisian restaurants. Tucked down a small street around the corner from the Acropolis Museum is one of Athens‘ many family-run Greek taverns. The Bakatselos have been providing traditional dishes for customers for over 40 years. They cook in the kitchen, preparing and serving dishes handed down through generations. The restaurant’s tasteful yet casual atmosphere will also make you feel at home. There is no need to head to their website to look at a menu because there isn’t one here – everything revolves around what’s available for the day.  The Acropolis Museum is always at the top of my list when I want to see a new part of the city, and why wouldn’t you? This museum is one of Greece’s greatest treasures and has entertained visitors for nearly 50 years. There are many great exhibits, including a statue collection dating back to 19th-century Greece through much of its history, and even includes works by Michelangelo. 

2. Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani

Portobello Fine Foods is a family-owned business with over 80 years of combined experience in the industry. We trade traditional but also want to make food more accessible and affordable – without sacrificing quality. We are proud of our reputation and are sure you’ll be happy with our products.

Karamanlis is steeped in tradition and ancient values. They produce a variety of beautiful art, such as textiles, ceramics, and pottery. Cilicia was one of the leading trading hubs in Iran, so European pastries were mixed with confections and spices. For example, they introduced the Ottoman “acropaston” and “butulis,” combining spicy food with an overabundance of meat to supply trade caravans.

We have high-quality goods for sale. Our customers come in for our specialty dishes and the authenticity inherent in dishes from a historic culinary tradition.

Come by our charming neoclassical buildings and enjoy the best of your favorite brand. And if you desire to cool off, please don’t hesitate to visit our indoor area. We have some quality aged cheeses, various cold cuts, and other award-winning traditional products from when we were in production. Some of our offerings include black pastrami and country sausage.

We offer a variety of dishes with melted cheese and pumpkin purée that can be served with kavurma or Suzuki. Choose from a range of aged products and taste some fantastic PDO PGI-tasting dishes. We’ll take care of the rest!

3. Klimataria

You should go to Greece since there you will have the opportunity to try food, music, and dance that is traditionally Greek. The Taverna’s been running for over a hundred years, meaning generations have enjoyed the atmosphere. The food here is something Greeks usually love, making it the perfect place to enjoy a grilled steak platter such as “Tis Oras.” Located in Athens, Greece, Klimataria is a grapevine that specializes in wine. The setting is a taverna, and the atmosphere is accommodating. A Greek woman tells her American friend about all the delicious food, music & tasty drinks they have there.

4. Hytra

We offer many Greek flavors waiting for you on our website. Greek cuisine is elegantly served at a Michelin-starred restaurant on the sixth floor of the Onassis Cultural Centre. Dishes are made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients, like wild herbs, vegetables, meat, and seafood. A multi-course menu offers something for everyone, whether they’re new to Greek cuisine or an expert. You can indulge in dishes like sea bass carpaccio and orange-scented pork. And don’t worry if it’s a dessert you want because the menu has an array of imaginative desserts. Like kourabiedes, which is a pastry with a filling baked in phyllo. The perfect way to celebrate Greek culture is by visiting the exhibition of Byzantine treasures at the Museum of Byzantine Culture.

5. Orizontes

Why not take a lunch break and eat at one of the best restaurants in Athens? You can have great food on the top of Athens’ most scenic terrace. Perched on one of the highest points in Athens, the Orizontes offers beautiful views of the Athens skyline. Come for sunset to see its most iconic sights, such as the Acropolis, and everything beyond it – including the Aegean Sea. The restaurant is equally well known for its food – the Mediterranean dishes that incorporate seasonal produce and offer something different every time. I recommend going on a date and trying out the Pork Tenderloin with vegetables, as they serve my favorite dish. One of the best places to visit in Athens is Pangrati, a formerly working-class district with a long history. The newly restored neighborhood has been transformed into a trendy and eclectic area with restaurants offering international cuisine and wine bars. The city’s central food market is located here, so you’ll find plenty of local ingredients to help you make your dishes on-site.  I recommend coming here for lunch or dinner on your first day in Athens as it’s close by and offers a good introduction to the area. Many cafes and restaurants in Athens offer everything from traditional Greek dishes to international cuisine. A meal is a great way to break the ice when starting an evening. Many restaurants in Athens can cater to your tastes and work out fine! I can assure you that The Citadel Mediterranean must be popular since people are discussing it so much. I’ve only heard positive things about it so far.

6. Strofi

Athens is a beautiful city with stunning scenery and plenty of great restaurants. One place to make a reservation is Paradox Restaurant. They have amazing views and high-quality food, and they also accept reservations. Apart from typical Greek food like smoked eggplants and tzatziki sauce, there’s also famous New Zealand lamb stuffed with a rice and veal mixture and then wrapped inside the pastry. If you are looking for a unique restaurant to try, check out one of the many venues in Athens that only serves food with a specific theme. One example is Kaponi, which serves Asian-style food.

7. Lukumades

One reason to go to the party is that it might be fun. The environment would be something different from what you’re used to.

Doughnuts exist in many forms, but the Greek loukoumades are one of the most iconic. They’re fried balls of dough topped with a mixture of honey and cinnamon. At Lukumades dessert café, locals line up to indulge in their traditional delicacy. They’re sprinkled with all sorts of different flavors and temptations. Here, we use the innovative combination of syrups and ice cream made by vigorous stirring to create a mastiha-flavored delicacy.

8. Varoulko

Why visit? For the Michelin-starred restaurant experience by the sea.

Varoulko is one of the most scenic seaside areas in Athens. The Michelin-starred chef, Lefteris Lazarou, creates elegant dishes with flavors that are inspired by Greek tradition. For instance, he substituted minced beef for more natural ingredients like crayfish in the moussaka dish. In addition, the pesto pasta is made with a squid-based pesto and adds some nutritional benefits. From this vantage point, you can see the picturesque natural harbor of Mikrolimano, with beautiful sailboats and yachts in the distance. Tiny fishing boats are also visible from here. At the entrance to the restaurant, you’ll find a view of the sea. Look out for plenty of traditional boats coming and going. Then, go for a sunset dinner and take some spectacular views of Athens and the water.

9. Nice ‘n’ Easy

The island’s restaurants serve up locally sourced and refreshingly Greek dishes.

This restaurant emphasizes organic produce so the menu will be packed with local vegetables. The traditional pasta and meat will come from sustainable farmers. The farm-to-table approach combines with the trendy atmosphere to make your visit pleasant. If you’re after a laid-back lunch, you have to try our Bogie and Bacall chicken kontosouvli. The dish is marinated in Greek beer and studded with sun-dried tomatoes. You can also try one of our Coppola pasta dishes, topped with buffalo meat and marinated in a Florina pepper sauce.

10. Birdman

Whenever I am craving local street food, this is my go-to place! It’s not just a Greek skewers spot but has a little of Tokyo cool to it, and the soundtrack they have are perfect. You can go there in all seasons and be satisfied by the souvlaki they serve. This handful of tiny tables and benches on the pavement was not made to be lingered at. But a night at the counter can be lovely as you sample dishes from their robata grill. You wouldn’t believe how good some of the yakitori and yakikushi taste coming straight from it! The two cuts of beef are splayed with pico de gallo, shiso, and miso paste. Veggie skewers also come with delightful marinades to dip in! When I want a burger- no, when I need a burger- I go here. The burgers are incredibly delicious; the ciabatta buns are toasted with garlic butter for some added flavor, and the fries are crispy and thin-cut. Sometimes they make their beer from honey and thyme on the premises, which is excellent for keeping you hydrated as you chow down. It has a lovely outdoor setting but can be crowded, so if you come early or late, you can always make a reservation.

11. Phita

This newer taverna style has helped Neos Kosmos, a bustling up-and-coming area with lots of character, to create a fresh start. It overlooks the tramline and is situated in rundown housing projects but welcomes all who enter with high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. At the restaurant, there is a clear focus on the open kitchen. The menu changes daily because of seasonal specials. This is one of many reasons that such a high number of people frequent this place. My two past visits to Zoumboudakis were great – I loved the round chips, which went well with taramasalata; the vine leaves stuffed with fish were also delicious, and then we also had sardines on baked beans! And the Horta was also a treat. After stopping by the amazing farmer’s market around the corner, get a late lunch—not only will you get to see where all the ingredients come from, but they are also actively sourcing much of their produce from that spot.

12. Seychelles

There’s nothing better than a restaurant that makes you feel like you’re part of the laughter and love in the kitchen. One such restaurant is Seychelles, where you can watch chefs work passionately and share meals with family and friends in an environment with cozy tables. Most people prefer to sit in Avdi Square – the heart of Keramikos, a trendy but ungentrified neighborhood. The salads are out-of-this-world (wilted greens with garlic, green leaves with celery, walnuts, and blue cheese). Also, the seafood is unexpected (croaker ceviche with peaches & corn on the cob)., and butch meat dishes are moreish (slow-cooked pork with apricot ketchup, fresh pappardelle with a confit of beef and lamb). Portions are generous, so order as many dishes as possible and share everything. Finish with a selection of amazing Cycladic cheeses from Ios, Kimolos, and Andros. Service is brusque, bordering on rude, but you can’t fault the food, and the rough-around-the-edges setting is pure Athens.

13. Arcadia Restaurant

Very close to the Acropolis, one of the essential places to visit in Athens, we find this place included in the list of most recommended restaurants in Athens.

They have a very extensive menu, in which the typical dishes of Greek cuisine abound, an incredibly attentive staff, and excellent value for money.

Highly recommend the salad, the moussaka, and the gyros. The price is about 10 euros per person, including drinks. They also usually give you a small traditional dessert, which is very common in Greece.

Address: 27 Makrygianni St.

Hours: every day from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

14. Liondi Traditional Greek Restaurant

Located next to the previous one, this is another of the most recommended restaurants in Athens. Like the previous ones, they have an extensive menu, in which most dishes are Greek specialties, and the melitzanosalata, tzaziki, and moussaka stand out.

In addition, as in other restaurants, they also offer you a typical dessert for free.

The price is around 12 euros for the tasting menu they have at noon, and the dishes have an average of 4 euros for the starters and 7-8 euros for the main ones.

Address: Makrygianni Street 19-21

Hours: Thursday to Monday from 12 pm to 10 pm

15. Cinque Wine & Deli Bar

If you want something different, Cinque Wine & Deli Bar is one of the most recommended places to eat in Athens on TripAdvisor, with great value for money.

They serve delicious charcuterie and cheese boards that you can accompany with a good selection of wines.

The place is relatively small, so it is important to make a reservation, especially if you go at night, on the weekend, or holiday.

Address: 15 Agatharchou

Hours: every day from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.

16. MS Roof Garden

Also, we want to include this place, which, although it would not stand out for being one of the cheapest restaurants in Athens, far from it, nor a place where the best food is served, it is one of the ones with the best views, for what we believe, deserves special mention.

The price of iced coffee is 2.5 euros, and coffee with milk is 4.5 euros. A good option is to go for breakfast since the prices are more adjusted considering the views.

Address: Athinas 1 & Ermou | Entrance from the Stoa of Monastiraki Metro Station

Hours: every day from 08h to 04h

17. Maiandros

With excellent opinions among locals and travelers, this restaurant in Athens is another of the most recommended if you want to taste the typical gastronomy of the country.

They have a very extensive menu, with around 8-10 euros dishes, and a very professional and attentive service that speaks a little Spanish.

Address: Adrianou 47

Hours: every day from 10 a.m. to 01 a.m.

18. Falafellas

Do you like falafel? So feel free; Falafellas is one of the restaurants in Athens that you can’t miss.

The menu’s star dish is falafel in multiple varieties, which you can accompany with different ingredients such as aubergines, tabbouleh, or hummus.

Prices are around 3-4 euros per dish, and you have to keep in mind that there are no tables, so you should order food to go and enjoy it, watching life go by in the streets of the city.

Address: Taki 19

Hours: every day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

In addition to trying the local gastronomy in one of the restaurants in Athens that we have recommended, another extraordinary way to delve into Greek gastronomy is to book this gastronomic tour of Athens, this gastronomic tour of the Pagrati neighborhood or this Greek cooking workshop, all with a guide in Spanish.

All these restaurants where to eat in Athens are within the tourist routes of the city, which you can prepare following these personalized guides according to the days you have available.


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