The 17 Best restaurants in new Delhi

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Best restaurants new delhi – Delhi is rich in culture, history, and many food options. But what if you are looking for the best restaurant in Delhi? We have compiled this list of restaurants perfect for your next meal.

1) Indian Accent

Indian accent restaurant does its best to maintain the reputation of Delhi’s best restaurants. Their food represents a brilliant mix of the finest Indian cuisine from around the country, with something for everyone! Imagine a delicious traditional Indian cuisine plate with top-quality ingredients and modern cooking techniques. It’s an exciting experience that tastes just as good as international gourmet food! Chic decor, luxurious seating, and delicious food; I think that once you have these three things for your dining experience, you’re all set. !Himalayan Cuisine India’s Best Restaurants offers an authentic Indian cuisine experience at an affordable price. This is not your average curry house; there are no dishes with a few vegetables, rice, and curry. Instead, they offer a vast selection of dishes to choose from, so it’s easy to find something for everyone! My favorite dish is the Chicken Tikka Masala with Nan! Getting this dish will make you feel like you’re getting the real deal in Delhi.

2) Shang Palace

Their dishes will transport you to the lifestyles and cultures of Asia and make for a more memorable experience. Try their Indian, Chinese, or Thai dishes. The interior design is gorgeous, and the lighting sets the mood for a great adventure. Every part of Locale 909 exhibits a chic ambiance & attention to detail that extends into private dining rooms, too. You can learn more about this restaurant’s design features on its website. They have features like a coin wall where you can trade in your money and an ATM coin machine.

3) The Imperial Spice

Don’t know what to eat in Connaught place? Head to the imperial space, where you will quickly feel at home. The space is all about glamor and royalty, which will be made clear at the door. You may come here for extravagant decor or a long menu, as this fancy restaurant serves Indian and international foods like North Indian, Italian, continental, and European dishes. With a never-ending menu of food and the bar & in-house drinks, you may find yourself staying for hours at their ultra-comfortable seats.

4) Annamaya

Annamaya, located in the 5-star Andaz property of New Delhi, is a blend of Annapurna – the goddess of food, and Maya – the goddess of beauty. The menu at the European food hall is designed with a classical take on indigenous food for a complete dining experience. Moreover, its seating arrangement is inviting and inclusive. The restaurant operates 24 hours a day so that you can enjoy delicious food at any time of the day or night. The food here is inspired by one of the most popular cuisines in the world and stimulates mindful eating. The Paneer Tikka with Saag, wholegrain Naan, and a samosa is the perfect starter for vegetarians. The Tikka Masala features minced chicken in rich spiced tomato sauce with onion, garlic, and ginger. The Keema Naan is sprinkled with cayenne pepper to give it that kick. The Mughlai Momos are crispy deep-fried dumplings filled with spicy ground mutton or beef filling cooked in a tangy onion

5) Tamra

Tamra is the place where tradition meets innovation. This multi-cuisine restaurant provides a vibrant, fun, and energetic environment to celebrate any occasion. The culinary expertise offered here is a world on your plate, and the expert chefs are well-known for creating authentic Southeast Asian and European dishes. They’re not cheap, but they’re definitely worth the price. Tamara Food will feel like the most comforting food you’ve ever tasted, and you will likely return for more. The posh seating, luxurious lighting, and high-end decor will make every visit here feel like an elevated experience from a long time ago. Unfortunately, the restaurant is located in a major shopping center, so that that parking can be difficult. But it’s worth the hassle to get to Tamra, known for its delicious food and welcoming atmosphere.

6) Rooh

We are located in the Mehrauli Qutub complex, which has a number of showrooms and restaurants. Rooh is situated outside and offers a perfect view of the Qutub Minar. Located in a 150-year-old refurbished haveli, Rooh will take you on a gastronomical journey through its contemporary take on traditional Indian cuisine. Curries & co is a unique Indian restaurant offering international inspiration for traditional recipes. For example, their avocado bhel has had a lot of success with its following.

7) Karim’s

Whenever I walk past Jama Masjid in Delhi, I always know that from the corner of my eye, all I can see is the delicious scent of meat. Karim’s is a great place to taste meat in Delhi because they have many great dishes worth trying. Delhi is a vast place, but this restaurant is easy to find. They have existed for over 100 years and still receive amazing reviews today – everyone loves the food! The famed royal cook and chef partnered to create this tiny, tucked-away restaurant. They recreate powerful flavors & cuisines from the Mughal era (which one may also know as the Mughal-e-Darbar). Their signature dishes are Shahi Dastar Khwan (a variety of chicken curry) and Bharatia Pattal (a type of rice). The restaurant is small and often crowded, but the food is so good you won’t even notice any of that. And there’s plenty of it!

8) Wasabi by Morimoto

Have you been searching for a Japanese restaurant but have yet to find one? If so, Wasabi by Morimoto might be the place for you. At Wasabi, we pride ourselves on serving only the best and most authentic Japanese food. Every ingredient is flown in from Japan daily to ensure our customers receive the freshest sushi and entrees. So forget your dull day at work and come here to experience the feel of a traditional Japanese restaurant! Enjoy Chef’s signature dishes like Carpaccio, Miso Cod, Creme Brulee & many more. Wasabi by Morimoto is located in the heart of the Pan Am building and provides outdoor dining for its customers. Our section of outdoor seating is called “The Courtyard.” On the patio, you’ll find a teppanyaki grill, sushi bar, and seats for up to 60 guests. Dining on our patio leaves room for creativity, so come dressed in your favorite kimono or play dress-up!

9) Olive Bar and Kitchen

Olive Bar and Kitchen is more than just a place to have good food. They also have a great company culture. The environment and food here are delicious, and it feels welcoming because their staff is welcoming too. The Olive Bar & Kitchen is situated at the Qutub Complex, not just a restaurant. It’s an international cuisine hotspot – you can enjoy cosmopolitan fare from all over the world. If you’re in Paris, the food and fashion are world-famous. You’ll also be able to find some of Paris’ famous landmarks while on holiday here. The location and their recreation of the stories make the place a perfect example of Mediterranean culture. There are also a lot of states, so it would be perfect for someone who wants to hike or bike without driving too far. This restaurant, located in a Mughal Mansion, offers many delicious dishes from mezze platters to roman style pizzas. You’ll also find artisanal desserts. You are never short of a good experience at The Olive Bar and Kitchen. In this restaurant, they cater to celebrities all the time. They will live up to your expectations, and you’ll be delighted with the result.

10) Andhra Bhavan

Would you like to have traditional Indian food at an affordable price? If so, then Andhra Bhawan is the place for you. Located in Feroze Shah, this restaurant is one of those iconic places that should be on anyone’s dining list—packed with people at any time because of its great food, low prices, and fast service. Unfortunately, our Bhawan does tend to be packed all the time – but the experience is worth it if you put in some effort. They serve fantastic Mutton Fry and excellent Andhra Style Biryani or try some delicious Traditional South Indian Thali and various other dishes depending on your taste.

11) Kiara Soul Kitchen

One of our favorite restaurants in Delhi, Kiara Soul Kitchen, is all about delivering authentic Asian, North Indian, and Oriental food & delicious desserts. Not only do they have a wide range of healthy and delicious vegetarian dishes, but the chic interior also makes you feel calm & at peace. This award-winning restaurant is also Jain, vegan, and gluten-free. You’ll find excellent dishes on their menu and a selection of sushi and tandoori with a special table layout that provides an amazing view. In addition to being delicious, these oriental desserts make for memorable moments.

Kiara Soul Kitchen has a romantic, cozy and relaxed atmosphere with candlelight. The food is excellent, the service is phenomenal, and the desserts are tasty. In addition, the restaurant boasts authenticity in all areas.

12) Bo Tai

Bo Tai, a swanky Italian-Thai fusion restaurant in Mehrauli, is the perfect place to dine and unwind. The outdoor area is romantic and serene, and the indoor space is modern and classy while still comfortable. The menu carries dishes from both Thai and European cuisine. The chefs use ingredients from Thailand itself, like flour and spices, to bring an authentic taste of Thailand to Delhi. Experience some of the most traditional yet unique Thai cuisines. Our chefs experiment with new recipes, serving out-of-the-box dishes for your palate to enjoy—the perfect place for all occasions, meetings, family gatherings, and more. Experience Thai cuisine that is not just good- it’s delicious.

13) Town Hall

The name “town hall” may bring nostalgia to your mind for many reasons. For example, when you think of town halls in the UK, it reminds you of their concept of eating throughout most colonial India. From its elegant decor to the high ceilings and large hall, eating at this restaurant will transport you back to the pre-independence days of India. In addition, it features a fun island bar that gives dining a chic twist. To prove their culinary mastery, the Masterchef of the kitchen has a trendy, new menu to make sure everyone gets an authentic experience without being bored. Among the endless sushi choices and nigiri and sashimi options are chef Augusto’s tofu masterpiece, guaranteeing satisfaction. One of the must-tries is the signature sushi rolls with Temaki, modern Donburi, and many other stellar options. The Chef’s love and passion for Japanese cuisine are apparent in these incredible dishes. The Old Town Hall is a prime spot for some British pub grub. Its traditional decor and old-style furniture transport you to a time when men wore hats to dinner and drank ale without fail. It boasts an authentic beer selection that includes well-known choices like Guinness, Newcastle Brown Ale, and Harp Lager. The menu has plenty of hearty fares to please any stomach, with dishes like the English Breakfast served with Irish bacon or the classic Fish & Chips made with the freshest local fish.

14) Rajinder Da Dhaba

With all the luxe restaurants, do you hunger for something authentic and Desi style? Head to Rajinder Da Dhaba in Safdarjung Vihar. Traditional dhaba dishes are served from the heart, with love and care, making them extra tasty. This meal is affordable for any budget, and you can feed your appetite for quality. You’ll usually see many people vying for their favorite dishes at peak hours. Known favorites include Makhmal Fish, Malai Tikka (veg), Galouti Kebab, Chicken Kalmi, Satay Chicken, or Paneer Malai. The menu also consists of a wide range of vegetarian dishes for those who are not meat-eaters. Founded by the father of Rajinder Da Dhaba, a renowned food writer, this Dhaba has been delighting visitors with its wide range of authentic and delicious dishes for many years. Often described as the best vegetarian restaurant in Delhi, Rajinder Da Dhaba is a must-visit for those looking for quality Desi food.

15) Leo’s Pizzeria

Sick of the same old pizzas? Stop by Leo’s in Amar Colony; we promise you won’t regret it. Their pizzas are genuinely authentic and remarkable for that perfect date night meal. The beautiful interiors will keep you coming back for more time after time. Now is your chance if you still need to try out the new Quattro Stagioni doors. They are open again and are serving up their world-famous pizza with freshly made ingredients.

16) Bella Cucina

Bella Cucina is the finest Italian restaurant in this neighborhood. We provide delicious, traditional flavors in a flavorful way. With its amazing indoor balcony overlooking the pool and gourmet food – Bella Cucina is the perfect option for a daytime lunch. You can’t go wrong with anything on this list. Our staples include fresh bread, Eight Layer Chocolate Cake, Risotto, and Ravioli. You can also get Wild Mushroom Arancini or classic Tiramisu if you’re not feeling like meat. Enjoy the perfect combinations of flavors with a delicious cup of espresso at our café and experience a good. Taste the difference at Bella Cucina. Bella Cucina is the finest Italian restaurant in this neighborhood. We provide delicious, traditional flavors in a flavorful way. With its amazing indoor balcony overlooking the pool and gourmet food – Bella Cucina is the perfect option for a daytime lunch. You can’t go wrong with anything on this list. Our staples include fresh bread, Eight Layer Chocolate Cake, Risotto, Soups & Ravioli.

17) Thyme

The five-star Thyme restaurant is part of the Hilton Hotel in Delhi, India. It is very spacious and has delicious food and offers a great time. This restaurant is renowned for its worldwide menu and plenty of delicious dishes. You can try different types of Indian, Asian, and European cuisine. The staff is friendly & quick to help you with whatever you want.

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