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best restaurant in aspen – Known as a popular ski resort in western Colorado, Aspen offers a diverse and exciting experience for travelers on the slopes and in the many great restaurants this mountain town has to offer. Dining in Aspen includes contemporary American and international cuisine; however, the historical background makes dining in Aspen unique. These top restaurants offer a mix of history and great food.

1. The White House Tavern

Carpenter Gothic pitched roof styles and vibrant white color schemes characterize the building and add to the ambiance. With a menu featuring family and family fare and an extensive selection of wines and cocktails, White House Tavern is an excellent stop to enjoy a meal with friends and family.

White House Tavern, 302 E Hopkins Ave, Aspen, CO, USA, +1 970 925 1007

2. HOPS Culture

When you want to enjoy good American comfort food, visit HOPS Culture, which prides itself on serving American classics on a grand scale, from creamy macaroni to mouthwatering ribs. The list of over 200 beers from around the world is impressive. It’s an exciting craft beer-focused heaven. With a brick interior, this restaurant creates a cozy and fun environment to relax in after a day on the slopes.

3. Jimmy’s Winery

Jimmy’s Bodega is a restaurant that captures Mexican seafood flavors and is all about feeling at home no matter where you come from. The restaurant got its name after the owner visited central Mexico and came across the home cellars, which inspired him to open his own. The menu has a variety of oysters and shellfish; experience the raw bar or try one of the many specialty cocktails while enjoying the view of Aspen’s spectacular scenery from the patio.

Jimmy’s Bodega, 305 S Mill St, Aspen, CO, USA, +1 970 710 2182

4. Matsuhisa

At Matsuhisa, customers will find fresh ingredients and an extensive menu and discover authentic Japanese sushi flavors. Delicious and gourmet, the sushi here turn food into art. Enjoy the sushi bar or go out for a cocktail on the patio and let the culture of Japan take over your palate and leave you with one of the most memorable meals of your stay.

Marsuhisa, 303 E Main St, Aspen, CO, USA, +1 970 544 6628

5. Item 47

With a name that pays homage to Aspen’s historical culture of silver mining, Element 47 brings rich American food to life with a contemporary and creative twist. A five-star restaurant, the interior houses a floor-to-ceiling glass display case in an elegant, open setting. Enjoy a seasonal menu that combines ingredients from local farms, accompanied by the perfect wine chosen by your wine expert.

Element 47, Little Nell Hotel, 675 E Durant Ave, Aspen, CO, USA, +1 970 920 6330

6. Aspen Over Easy

A group of old friends created Aspen Over Easy to give customers an affordable and delicious breakfast without costing the earth (literally). Partnering with CORE, Aspen’s initiative for sustainable business, this restaurant uses state-of-the-art equipment to make the best breakfast. Discover the variety of juices and smoothies to add a little color to each meal. This restaurant is a great way to start or end your day, from breakfast quesadillas to a bacon and egg cocktail.

Aspen Over Easy, 304 E Hopkins Ave, Aspen, CO, USA, 1+ 970 429 8693

7. Pyramid Bistro

Pyramid Bistro is the first ‘nutritious’ restaurant, meaning customers consume the most nutrients per calorie. Although every item on the menu can be ordered with meat prepared healthily, all recipes are initially and solely vegetarian. One of Aspen’s most creative and innovative places to eat, Pyramid Bistro is located just above Explore Booksellers and will leave visitors feeling refreshed, revitalized and clean after dinner.

Pyramid Bistro, 221 E Main St, Aspen, CO, USA, +1 970 925 5338

8. Ellina

Located right in the center of Aspen, Ellina is where the old world meets the new. Named after a region in northern Italy, this restaurant serves modern American cuisine along with various fabulous wines and original cocktails. Try the well-known Bitto cheese and bresaola sausage in Ellina’s cozy interior or on the vibrant patio.

Ellina, 430 E Hyman Ave #3, Aspen, CO, United States, +1 970 925 2976

9. Pinons

Pinons is a restaurant that offers the best flavors and ingredients to customers. Located in downtown Aspen across from the historic Hotel Jerome, this restaurant offers a contemporary mountain dining experience with a newly remodeled dining room overlooking the picturesque Aspen landscape. Pinons serves an extensive seafood menu that includes American classics like Colorado Herbed Trout and Sesame Sea Bass. With a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, it’s no wonder Pinons is one of Aspen’s top-rated restaurants.

Pinons, 105 S Mill St, Aspen, CO, USA, +1 970 920 2021

10. Justice Snows

Justice Snow takes vintage dining to the next level. The restaurant’s interior design brings a historical and contemporary feel to the atmosphere. There are vintage items like a chandelier that hung in a Cambridge library 100 years ago and hidden doorbell medallions that double as peepholes for watching old movies. Enjoy an American menu or try one of the custom cocktails at the bar. Even the bartenders bring a blast from the past, dressed in clothes that will roll the years back. Justice Snow’s isn’t just a place to eat well; it’s a place to experience another time.

Justice Snow’s, 328 E Hyman Ave, Aspen, CO, USA +1 970 429 8192

11. Best Aspen Sandwich

The White House Tavern is worth checking out, with a short and very efficient menu with sandwiches, salads, a good wine list, local beers, and cocktails. The “French Dip au Jus” ($21) is incredible among the orders. It has strips of prime rib eye sliced ​​like roast beef, house-made brioche bread, and the meat sauce to sink the sandwich (literally). The Honor Burguer ($17) is the best burger in town. Comes with white cheddar, tomato, and spicy slaw. To go with? Hand-cut fries with house sauces and an excellent local beer.

At the base of Big Burn in Snowmass is the Ullrhof, famous for its burger. Accessible by ski only, you need to climb to the top of the Village Express and ski down the mountain. Their fries come with a crust, very crispy. The burger is a combination of bread + meat, as in the old days, with good brioche bread. It is ideal for alleviating mountain hunger after skiing. The best in the region? The White House Tavern beats from afar, but it’s worth it for fun.

12. Fondue & Black Truffles

In the basement of a small house in the center of Aspen is the Creperie du Village, a tavern in a mountain atmosphere, very cozy and with several delights of French cuisine. Think of a fantastic fondue among the best you’ve ever eaten. So much so that you won’t hesitate to return there a few times on the same trip. Creperie’s famous Cheese Fondue is made with the original Swiss recipe: melted Gruyere and Emmental cheeses, white wine, and kitsch served with crispy bread and green apple ($29 per person). And you can add fresh black truffles during the delicacy season (which coincides with winter).

Unmissable tip: they have a specific Swiss white wine to pair with fondue, Les Murettes. For dessert, the chocolate fondue is delicious ($15 per person) and comes with fruit and impeccable brioche bread. The small bistro, with the air of an alpine tavern, is located underground, is tiny, and has a beautiful and charming decoration.

13. Hot Chocolate

The best hot chocolate in Aspen is at Element 47, one of the bars at the traditional Little Nell Hotel in Aspen. There is also the liveliest après-ski bar. It comes with two marshmallow cubes and can be ordered with a shot of Bailey’s to heat it even more.

14. Brazilian Aspen

In these restaurants, you will understand why the locals call Snowmass “Snowbras” in the winter season: only Brazilian. With great cuisine, the places are well disputed. After all, who doesn’t like to eat well? Matsuhisa, read Nobu since it’s from the same chef. Dishes such as yellowtail sashimi jalapeño and many other dishes from the traditional restaurant are on the menu.

Funky and modern, it’s full of beautiful and lively people. Cache Cache Cache is a French bistro with a sophisticated atmosphere and ditto food. Casa Tua, a branch of Miami’s trendy Italian, repeats its success with Italian dishes. Two other Italian cuisine options are Campo di Fiori, and Mezaluna is the place.

The Ajax Tavern, at the foot of Aspen Mountain (Ajax), has truffle fries, Parmeggiano cheese among the stars on the menu, and tomato soup and lamb bolognese. In other words, prepare to eat (very) well. Also, as the house is always full during the season, take the opportunity to watch the skiers arrive on the restaurant’s terrace.

15. Out of the Loop

An unprecedented feat in Aspen: going to a crowded restaurant and not having a single Brazilian. Piñons is the typical mountain restaurant, very popular with locals. According to them, it’s been the most reserved place in Aspen since 1988. With American cuisine influenced by regional products, its decor is all in a contemporary mountain climate. Crispy Oysters, breaded oysters topped with creme fraiche and caviar, are delicious. The dishes are very American style: very well served. Colorado lamb cotoletta is exceptionally tender and tasty, accompanied by truffle risotto, Brussels sprouts, and carrot puree with ginger. Desserts are made in-house, including ice cream and sorbets. Order the semisweet chocolate pudding or the Banana and Nutella dessert if hunger allows.

Away from the hype, a lovely house on the outskirts of town hides the Hichory House. They serve delicious ribs with barbecue sauce.

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