The 5 best mexican restaurants in Kansas City

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Do you need a Mexican restaurant in Kansas City? In the following article, we indicate a series of the best Mexican restaurants near you in the United States. You can communicate by phone, WhatsApp, or website; you will also have the opening and closing times of each location and a map that will guide you without wasting time to your favorite restaurant.

Best Mexican Restaurants in Kansas

In Kansas, Mexican food restaurants are becoming more numerous and, at the same time, more popular among its inhabitants. The food, its flavor, and the atmosphere they have give us a pleasant place to spend time in the company.

So if you want to try something different from what you are used to or its unmistakable flavors catch your attention, you will have many options to choose from while you are here.

For this reason, here we bring you some of the best Mexican restaurants in Kansas so you can taste their unmistakable dishes.

Hispanic culture and cuisine are an integral part of Kansas City. The Mexican population – the largest immigrant population in the metropolitan area – has had a profound and positive local impact. And if you’re looking for an excellent Mexican restaurant in Kansas City, you don’t have to look far.

Mexican food in Kansas City is everywhere. You can find her on the north side and in Overland Park, from the far reaches of KCK to Independence. There are more than 52,000 Hispanic Kansas City residents. The Hispanic community of Kansas City has a history that dates back to the 19th century. The most important boom in immigration occurred when the railroads were at their peak, with Kansas City being one of the most important rail hubs in the country. As a result, one of the main lines connected to Mexico became a busy place for Hispanic immigrants looking to start a life in KC. Over the years, this community has helped shape Kansas City into what it is today, and that’s potentially most notable in the food scene.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for Mexican restaurants in and around Kansas City, Mo. This guide will point you in the right direction.

1. A walk down the boulevard

To get to the heart and history of Kansas City’s Mexican restaurants, you must start on Southwest Boulevard. This historic street cuts through the heart of Kansas City, tracing a diagonal path west through the Crossroads, passing under I-35 and continuing for several miles. Along the entire Boulevard are restaurants and local businesses – perhaps the most famous being the Boulevard Brewing Company, the city’s beer from Kansas City.

Southwest Boulevard is also home to one of the best collections of Mexican restaurants in Kansas City. You have many options to choose from:

The Winery



Empanada Madness


The boss

The Taquito Fonda

the little town

taqueria Mexico

2. The Historic Northeast

Most of Kansas City, Missouri, resides on the northeast side of downtown. This collection of neighborhoods – Pendleton Heights, Scarritt, Indian Mound, Blue Valley – is also home to many of Kansas City’s Mexican restaurants.

Take a walk down Independence Avenue heading east, and you’ll see plenty. You can choose between options such as:

El Torito Butcher Shop

Los Altos Jalisco

little chariots

Super Taco Taqueria

The Flower of Chiapas

The North Pass


Taco King

We haven’t even reached the end of Mexican restaurants in these neighborhoods, but that’s too much. Plus, we still have one area of Kansas City to talk about.

3. Armourdale, Riverview, and Kensington

Across the state line, Kansas City, Kansas (KCK) is filled with vibrant and historic Hispanic communities. However, you need to look for authentic Mexican restaurants in Kansas City and pay attention to the western half of the metro. These neighborhoods used to be their own cities until they formed KCK. Armordale was one of the top jump points of the great railroad connected to Mexico, and many Hispanic immigrants settled in this area.

Today, that heritage lives on through the incredible Mexican restaurants you can find at KCK:

The King Chicken


Daisy’s Mexican Food

the little shrimp

Tapatio Mexican Grill


Tacos El Tio

the jacalito

The Chicken Guasave

La Chiquita Burritos

4. More Mexican Restaurants in Kansas City, Missouri

Southwest Boulevard, KC Northeast, and KCK are three big Mexican food hubs in Kansas City – but there are many more Mexican restaurants in KC. Not that you need more, because you’ll need quite an appetite to cross off the Kansas City Mexican restaurants we’ve already listed. But, just in case, here are more Mexican places in the Kansas City area:

Port Fonda

Mission Taco


KC Taco Company


sun canteen




Rancho Grande Canteen


5. Mexican dishes to try

What should you order at a Mexican restaurant in Kansas City? First, we all know the basics: tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. But if you’re willing to dig a little deeper, and be a little more adventurous, here are some menu items to keep an eye on:

Chilaquiles: Fresh, crisp tortilla chips mixed with a red or green sauce, sometimes served with pulled chicken or pork

Huevos Rancheros: fried eggs served on corn, rice, and flour tortillas, topped with a healthy splash of red sauce and bell peppers

Mole: A traditional Mexican sauce with many variations and different levels of spiciness, served spread over the chicken along with friendly rice and black beans

Enmolada: An old-school Oaxacan dish (pronounced wa-ha-ka), shredded chicken and cotija cheese are stuffed inside a rolled, fried tortilla and slathered with mole sauce

are you hungry now? Good, because there are many Mexican restaurants in KC waiting for you

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